Services Offered By The Life Insurance Attorney

Most people will need the help of a life insurance lawyer when faced with different life insurance issues. Regardless of the issue at hand, most life insurance attorneys are highly qualified in handling various insurance matters. They also work tirelessly in settling interpleader lawsuit and beneficiary dispute as well as collecting wrongfully denied and delayed life insurance claims. The life insurance lawyer should be carefully selected;

This guideline outlines some of the services offered insurance lawyers


The insurance industry works in close cooperation with its clients, but there are instances where insurance companies act unfairly to its members, and this includes cases where they try to avoid paying their customers claims in time. Sometimes the delay could be for a legitimate reason, but in other situations, it could be an act to force the beneficiary to wait for the claims settlement. If your claim has been unreasonably delayed, then the best cause of action is to speak to a life insurance attorney who will try and guide you through the process.

The bad insurance faith

Sometimes the insurers might be involved in bad faith conduct and can be liable for statutory violation, fair dealing and breach of good faith. When faced with such a situation life insurance attorneys will begin by analyzing your case and guide you in seeking the right cause of action. Some of the cases that can amount to insurance bad faith include statutory violations, intentional affliction of emotional distress as well as fraud.

Beneficiary disputes

Sometimes life takes a different turn and when faced with cases such as childbirth, remarriage or divorce then there is the need to file a life insurance dispute. The beneficiary dispute might arise in cases where an ill placeholder tries to change his beneficiary at the end of the or his or her life. In some cases, the family members who were left out will try to make changes and allege that the placeholder wasn’t of sound mind. Life insurance lawyers are helpful in such a case as well as in situations where a beneficiary isn’t named.

The ERISA claims


ERISA is a federal law that takes into account the benefits employees incur from the welfare benefit plan. The employee welfare behalf plan includes any program, fund or plan that is maintained and or established by an employee organization and which provides different benefits such as disability, health or life. It’s important to know if your benefit plans are covered under ERISA because they are some that aren’t applicable. If you have a legitimate claim, then the life insurance attorneys can help you in solving your claim denials.